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[01 Oct 2008|10:39pm]


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RENOWNED REJECTS [21 Sep 2008|08:09pm]

"Renowned Rejects"
Schizo Radio #10
Sundays 8pm
KLSU 91.1-fm

1. Jayne Mansfield (actress & inspiration for Jessica Rabbit) - What Makes It?
2. Helen Kane (singer & inspiration for Betty Boop) - The Broken Record
3. Ted Cassidy (Lurch from The Adams Family)
4. Andy Griffith - The Fishin' Hole
5. Jerry Mathers (Beaver Cleaver) - Wind-Up Toy
6. Tony Randall & Jack Klugman (The Odd Couple) - You're So Vain
7. Joe Pesci - Got To Get You Into My Life
8. Richard Dawson (Hogan's Heroes & The Family Feud) - Apples and Oranges
9. Leonard Nimoy - I Walk The Line
10. Brent Spiner (Star Trek: TNG) - It's a Sin to Tell a Lie (ft. Patrick Stewart)
11. Louis Farrakhan (for reals!) - Is She Is, or Is She Ain't?
12. Maya Angelou (poet/author) - Stone Cold Dead in the Market
13. Robert Mitchum (Oscar-winner!) - What's This Generation Coming To?
14. Hulk Hogan (Suburban Commando) - I Wanna Be a Hulkamaniac
15. Macho Man Randy Savage (Space Ghost's dad) - Be a Man Hogan!
16. Mr. T (not a fool) - The One and Only Mr. T
17. Patrick Swayze (personal hero) - She's Like The Wind
18. William Shatner (ft. Mike Douglas) - Keep It Gay!
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Schizo Radio - Outsider Music for 20th Century Schizoids [19 Aug 2008|03:04pm]

"Deranged Dames"
Schizo Radio #009
Sundays 8pm
KLSU 91.1-fm

1. The New Bangs - Go Go Kitty
2. Honeybees (The Ladies of Gilligan's Island) - You Need Us
3. Raquel Welch - I'm Ready To Groove
4. Jayne Mansfield - That Makes It
5. Lucia Pamela - In The Year 2000
6. Miriam - In 1967
7. Debbie Dawn - Hands
8. Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker - Oops, There Comes a Smile
9. Sissy Spacek - John, You Went Too Far This Time
10. Gloria Balsam - Fluffy
11. Tangela Tricoli - Stinky Poodle
12. The Shaggs - Paper Roses
13. Yoko Ono - Paper Shoes
14. Wing - Highway To Hell
15. Jan Terri - Baby Blues
16. Edith Massey - Big Girls Don't Cry
17. Divine - You Think You're a Man
18. The MSR Singers - I'm Just The Other Woman
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What's not to love? [07 Aug 2008|11:01pm]
There's not a thing I don't absolutely love about this picture:

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Schizo Radio - "You're just a freak - like me!" [21 Jul 2008|10:04pm]

The "Why So Serious?" Batman Edition
Schizo Radio #008
Sundays 8pm
KLSU 91.1 fm

1. Prince - Batdance
2. The Marketts - Batdance
3. Al Hirt - Batman Theme
4. Adam West - The Story of Batman
5. Combo Kings - Go-Go Batman
6. Burt Ward - Boy Wonder, I Love You (ft. Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention)
7. Burgess Meredith - The Capture
8. Frank Gorshin - The Riddler
9. Invisible Burgundy Bullfrog - Batman Rides Again
10. Robin & The Batmen - Batskinner (to the tune of "Mule Skinner Blues"!)
11. LaVern Baker - Batman to the Rescue (to the tune of "Jim Dandy"!)
12. Dynamic Batmen - The Jokers Laughs
13. The Merriettes - Ho Ho Ho The Joker's Wild
14. Jan & Dean - The Joker is Wild
15. Jim Steinman - Wonderful Toys (from the scrapped Batman Stage Musical)
16. Alfredo Casero - Soy Batman (Es muy loco!)
17. The Astronauts - Batman Theme
18. Wesley Willis - I Whupped Batman's Ass
19. R. Kelly - Gotham City
20. Method Man - The Riddler
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Schizo Radio - Outsider Music for the Children of Marx and Coca-Cola [07 Jul 2008|03:05am]

Schizo Radio #006
Sundays 8pm
KLSU 91.1 fm
The Beat "Happening"

01. Yaphet Kotto ft. Hugh Masekela - Can You Dig His Scene?
02. Pastor John Rydren - Music To Watch Girls By
03. Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Music To Watch Girls By
04. Pastor John Rydgren - Hip Version of the 23rd Psalm
05. Del Close & John Brent - How To Speak Hip Introduction
06. Dick Clark - Open Letter to the Older Generation
07. Kim Fowley - Young American Saturday Night
08. Buck Ritchie - The Slave
09. Ken Nordine - Windshield Wipers
10. Ken Nordine - Flesh
11. Jim Ingram - Black Woman
12. Eddie Osbourne - Kitten on the Keys
13. R.E.M. ft William S. Burroughs - Star Me Kitten
14. William Shatner - Music To Watch Girls By
15. William Shatner - The Transformed Man
16. Leonard Nimoy - Spock Thoughts
17. Burt Ward - Boy Wonder, I Love You
18. Bill Cosby - Yes, Yes, Yes
19. Anthony Hopkins - Distant Star
20. Richard Dawson - Apples and Oranges
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Lightning striking again and again and again.... [04 Jul 2008|04:01am]
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Mind-Blowing Insanity from German TV [01 Jul 2008|11:24pm]

God, this song is so amazing on so many different levels. Thank you, A Date with John Waters. Between this guy (Elton Motello) and R. Stevie Moore, I wish there had been more room for new wave artists this avant-garde and eccentric, beyond just Devo crossing over to MTV.
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Best Albums From the Year I Was Born (1984) [15 Jun 2008|01:15am]

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[15 Jun 2008|12:04am]
I'm quite pleased with the way my Vader's Day gift wrapping turned out, ears and all. Thank you painting of Bill Murray from Broken Flowers for being such a good model. See for yourself:

Have a great Father's Day everyone!
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Earth is fucked. PANIC. [28 May 2008|01:24am]
Natalie, I've got your d-bag dude beat by a LOOOOONG SHOT. And, shit you not, this is a real band with their all-too-real promo shot. And hey, they must be able rock your taint right off, cuz they've been on both Grey's Anatomy AND Gossip Girl, right?! Yeah, and Death cab for cutie flew out of my butt... or at least they sound like they did.

Forget Douglas Adams. PANIC.
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"This just bites is all." [06 Apr 2008|12:52pm]
Music The Bunghole That Broke Into Both of Our Cars Apparently Doesn't Like:
Danielson Famile
Black Eyes
Os Mutantes
Edwyn Collins
My Bloody Valentine

Things They Apparently Do Like:
Ruining our weekend.
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Instant Happy! [05 Apr 2008|06:37pm]
This image will always bring a smile to my face. ALWAYS.

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Flickr Displays The Darndest Things! [27 Mar 2008|03:50am]
Bill Cosby with the Pudding... BOH!

R. Crumb (too obvious?)

Nori Amos (pretty damn original)

From this guy.
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Where I'd Rather Be Right Now... [20 Mar 2008|05:28pm]
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[15 Mar 2008|09:03pm]

I still can't fuckin' believe that Natalie knew offhand the name of this character. When I think of this movie I can only really think either one of two things: 1) How I wish EVERY Schwarzenegger thereafter would've had more face-melting death scenes that give even Cronenberg a run for his money, and 2) How much I love the episode of Harvey Birdman (I think?) where the rival attorney is like this Senator Tankerbell-type Southern attorney with his own deformed Siamese twin attached at the chest. BRILLIANT.

Oh, and this is bizarre: http://www.killkuato.com/
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How my morning went: [14 Mar 2008|01:58pm]
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My New, New, NEW favorite website [24 Jan 2008|08:53pm]

More here...
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[21 Jan 2008|08:57pm]
Separated At Birth?

Fred Thompson // Vigo the Carpathian (from Ghostbusters II)
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One of us! One of us! [09 Jan 2008|09:40pm]
You my boy, Blue!

98% Barack Obama
96% John Edwards
93% Chris Dodd
92% Hillary Clinton
89% Joe Biden
83% Bill Richardson
81% Mike Gravel
79% Dennis Kucinich
49% Rudy Giuliani
38% John McCain
28% Mitt Romney
27% Mike Huckabee
26% Tom Tancredo
17% Ron Paul
16% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz
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